I survived a stroke in May 2018 & having been referred to the RDAC I contacted Gerry in February 19 as I knew I needed an Automatic car. I have driven a manual for 30 years. I was very nervous and anxious about driving an Automatic but Gerry has imho a knack with nervous drivers and the gift of calmness, especially when I was terrified on my first lesson. I had 3 lessons before my RDAC assessment, which I passed. Once I had my own car I booked additional lessons just until I had familiarised myself with my car. If you have an impairment due to a Stroke or injury, or if you are particularly nervous about driving, or returning to it, Gerry Petticrew is the Instructor for you. I cannot rate him highly enough. It’s not quite a year since my Stroke but I’m now mobile, which brings with it Independence and Freedom.

13th May 2019