Disabled Driving

Disabled Driving

Driving a car is a life skill which can enhance your employment prospects, make family life easier and open up leisure activities.  I am committed to enabling as many people as possible to get the benefits of being able to drive, be that for enjoyment or to maintain an independent lifestyle.

Many ADIs will try and push people down the manual car route because that is what they know so everyone has to fit in with them. Unlike most ADIs I have been specifically trained in teaching disabled people to drive so I am more able to aid you in achieving your goal of independence.

Not everyone is capable of operating a standard manual gear shift car, either they can’t physically use the controls or they struggle to process information in time to make the decisions necessary to control the car safely. I can give you the option between a manual car, a basic automatic car  or an  automatic car with driving adaptions. There are many different types of adaption that can be made to your car to make it easier for you to drive, from hand controls for accelerator/brake to full electronic control systems. If you have had an adaption fitted to your car I can help you get used to driving it. My automatic car has been fitted with basic hand controls, push/pull brake/accelerator with steering ball as well as a flip left foot accelerator and a remote control system for the ancillary controls (lights, wipers etc). If you need more advanced adaptions we can do lessons in your car once you have had it adapted.

Most car dealers have very limited experience (if any) of using driving adaptions so for independent expert advice on what you would need prior to purchase I recommend an assessment with a centre from the Forum of Mobility Centres (0800 5593636).

If you are going to have a push/pull brake accelerator fitted I strongly suggest that you have a steering ball as well because  with one hand on the brake/accelerator it is almost impossible to steer the car without an aid such as a steering ball. I would also suggest that you have an integrated left/right indicator switch included on the brake/accelerator as this makes driving a lot easier – you do not  have to take your hand off the steering to indicate; this is an ‘optional extra’ in most brochures and as the sales people have never used the controls they normally leave it out unless you ask for it.

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